Montgomery County Public Schools Student Transfer Application Season To Be Held February 1 Through April 1

January 12, 2000
Montgomery County parents who wish to request a transfer for their children from their regularly-assigned school may begin the transfer process during the upcoming transfer season, which will be held from February 1 through April 1, 2000.

Students in Montgomery County Public Schools are assigned to a school on the basis of their place of residence and are expected to attend their home school. Transfers of students from one school to another are permitted under the following limited circumstances:

- Older sibling in the requested school,

- Continuation in a feeder pattern from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school, except when affected by boundary changes,

- A documented hardship situation.

The transfer process begins in the home school, where parents may obtain a transfer request form and an information booklet that describes the process and provides useful information about the schools. Transfer forms and information booklets will be available in schools beginning the first week of February.

Special programs that do not fall under the transfer guidelines are listed in the transfer information booklet.

Every effort will be made to notify parents of students in grades 1 through twelve of the transfer decision by May 15 and parents of entering Kindergarten students by June 15.

For more information about the transfer process, parents are asked to contact the principal of their home school.

Non-English speaking parents may receive more information on the transfer process and booklet by calling the Spanish Hotline (301-230-3073), the Asian Hotline (301-230-5436), and the ESOL Parent Center (301-230-0674).

See "Related Links" (below) access the complete School Transfer Information booklet (95K) and MCPS Form 335-45, Request for a Student Transfer from the Home School (23K) in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you would like to view and print Acrobat files, Adobe Systems Inc. ( distributes the free Acrobat Reader application.

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