Roberto Clemente Middle School Letter

March 27, 2000
The following is the text of a letter sent home today [Monday, March 27] by the principal of Roberto Clemente Middle School, providing an update on the incident involving students who had falsely accused a teacher.


March 27, 2000

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff:

I am writing this letter to you today in order to provide the latest official update on the situation involving a member of our faculty and the several students who falsely accused him of a serious offense. In sharing this information with you, I am asking that we work together to bring to a close the unfortunate circumstances surrounding this incident and move on with rebuilding a supportive climate for teaching and learning in Roberto Clemente Middle School.

All of the students involved in the incident have been assigned by the school system to other educational settings. The principals of the receiving schools have been involved with this decision and they will work with appropriate staff members to provide for each student. The placement of the students in other educational programs is standard in situations in which students cannot return to their home school because of concerns regarding the academic and personal well being of all individuals involved.

This action, taken by Montgomery County Public Schools, will move us toward closure for our school community. I realize that there are many personal and professional issues over what the students did and the aftermath of their actions. However, I am asking that all of us work together in our school and community to put this incident behind us so that the healing process can begin for everyone involved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much for your continued support for Roberto Clemente Middle School.



Rosalva Rosas


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