Learning, Accountability and Results Data Dashboards

Elementary Class Size

Individual Measures

The Class Size Data Dashboard is intended to report teacher-to-student ratios for elementary homeroom classrooms for Grade K-5. Class-size guidelines and other conceptual information specific to Focus, Non-Focus and Title 1 are displayed below.

Dashboard data will be updated each quarter.

  • September 27 – Represents the last Friday in September;
  • Start of Q2 – Represents the first day of the second quarter;
  • Start of Q3 – Represents the first day of the third quarter; and
  • Start of Q4 – Represents the first day of the fourth quarter.

Class size is monitored regularly. When three or more classes within a grade exceed the guidelines, staffing is reviewed along with factors such as other resources in the school, space availability, and students’ needs. When a grade level has two or fewer classes, and the class(es) exceed(s) the guideline, an additional teacher may or may not be allocated (other supports also will be considered).

Historically, class size has been reported as an average in Schools At A Glance, which captured a static snapshot of class size as opposed to real time data. Various stakeholders have voiced an interest in monitoring class size in real time during the school year as opposed to lagging data. View previous year class size averages here.

For additional questions about your child’s grade level information, please contact your child’s school directly.