Learning, Accountability and Results Data Dashboards

Academic Achievement

Equity Accountability Model

The Equity Accountability Model provides a detailed and focused assessment of school success and publicly monitors and reports all students’ performance. The Equity Accountability Model moves beyond the typical state and federal aggregate reporting to performance reporting for specific focus groups of students who have not experienced the same level of access, opportunity or success as other students.

The Equity Accountability Model Academic Achievement component is built using the results from the Evidence of Learning Framework. The Academic Achievement reporting uses the end of year Evidence of Learning results on student performance in literacy and mathematics for the following readiness grade levels: grades 2 and 5 combined for elementary schools, grade 8 for middle schools, and grade 11 for high schools. The goal is that 90% of students are meeting evidence of learning in literacy and mathematics.

While all students’ progress is monitored, an Equity Accountability score for each school is assigned to five focus groups:

Focus Groups
Non-FARMS Black or African American Non-FARMS Hispanic/Latino FARMS White/Asian/All Other Student Groups FARMS Black or African American FARMS Hispanic/Latino
  • For elementary schools, the performance of focus group students in grades 2 and 5 is combined for the elementary score. For primary schools (Kindergarten to Grade 2), the score is based on focus group students in grade 2. For middle schools, the score is based on the performance of grade 8 focus groups students. For high schools, the score is based on the performance of grade 11 focus group students.

Why was the Equity Accountability Model developed?

While the state has a responsibility of establishing rigorous standards for the public schools, education is fundamentally a local responsibility and governed at the local level. A customized MCPS Equity Accountability Model is essential for maintaining the public’s trust in the school system and allows MCPS the ability to monitor and report progress on goals unique to the school district. This dashboard represents students’ Achievement Data for the Evidence of Learning Framework. Components of the Equity Accountability Model include –

  • Academic Achievement
  • Graduation Rate
  • Academic Progress
  • Limited English Proficiency and Students with Disabilities
  • Culture and Equity
  • Priority Focus

*Graduation Rate only applies to high school.

Key EOL Assigned Scores