Please provide a copy of the material handed out to students regarding gun violence/gun safety. Please make certain that the handout goes home in all languages.

Question#: 4


At the public hearing on January 10, 2022, it was indicated that material on gun violence/gun safety had been disseminated for inclusion in the students’ backpacks near the start of the 2021-2022 school year. However, this was not correct and such material did not go home in the backpacks last summer/fall.

Considering the increasing accessibility of ghost guns and gun violence we are experiencing in our communities, we are engaged in discussion around creating a joint message with the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Department of Systemwide Safety and Emergency Management and the Montgomery County Police Department regarding gun safety. This combined communication potentially could reach a broader MCPS community, opposed to a message communicated in post cards, which we understand only would be distributed to selected communities.