What are the current library hours in our schools and what is the cost to expand hours, specifically for higher FARMS middle and high schools? With the new Library Link initiative, is there transportation provided to libraries from schools if we do not choose to expand hours in school-based libraries? If not, what would the cost be to provide this transportation, perhaps in partnership with the county? (I understand that some schools may have routes that go to neighborhoods near libraries; however, if students do not live in the vicinity, they are not allowed to ride these buses.)

Question#: 23


All school library media centers are open during regular instructional day hours to support students and staff members. In addition, schools open the media centers before and after the student day. School administration, leadership staff, and library media staff examine routines and processes to make scheduling decisions for the library media staff that best meet the needs of their school community. The cost of expanding library media center hours beyond the instructional day would be based on individual library media assistant hourly salary, on average $19.02 to $26.40 per hour including employee benefits.

It would require considerable research for all 203 Montgomery County Public Schools to assess transportation requirements to public libraries. This could not be completed in time for the Board’s action on the budget on February 8, 2016.