What is the cost to provide copiers to elementary schools based on a student ratio of 600:1?

Question#: 43


The TeamWorks Copier Equipment and Maintenance program maintains 311 copiers systemwide (offices and all schools) including the following in all schools:

  • Elementary Schools: 134 copiers (74,834 students); 558 students per copier
  • Middle Schools: 76 copiers (33,167 students); 436 students per copier
  • High Schools: 67 copiers (42,257 students); 630 students per copier

Currently, 52 elementary schools have 600 or more students. To add a second copier in those schools would carry an annual recurring cost of $163,200. This includes the annual cost to finance the purchase of the copiers and an additional copier technician position. This cost estimate is based on the assumption that school staff will continue to produce their current level of instructional documents.