EGC-RA, Mail Service

About this Regulation

Regulation: EGC-RA

Last revised: December 12, 2011


To establish procedures for preparing mail for processing by the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) mailroom and for authorizing distribution of materials via the postage-free interschool mail service program (Pony) within MCPS offices, schools, and other MCPS facilities, as well as specified non-MCPS locations.


MCPS provides the Pony to expedite communications within the school system and also provides a postage metering program (Blue Bag Postage Program) to expedite outside communications through the U.S. Mail. Staff members assigned to the mailroom are responsible for sorting MCPS mail for delivery to schools and offices, and delivering to the post office mail requiring postage. In addition to scheduled deliveries to schools, the Pony delivers mail addressed to the County Council Office Building, County Executive Office Building, County Court House, Park and Planning Commission, Montgomery College, Montgomery County Teachers Federal Credit Union, Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 500, Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP), and members of the Montgomery County Board of Education.

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