EIA-RA, Insurance/Self-Insurance Management

About this Regulation

Regulation: EIA-RA

Last revised: February 07, 2005


To publish a background statement covering insurance/self-insurance management and types of coverage authorized and to establish a procedure for filing a claim for destruction of property or loss to a covered physical asset under these types of coverage.


The Board of Education maintains a program of insurance/self-insurance management for the school system which, consistent with all legal requirements pertaining thereto and the financial ability of the school system, provides a program (a) to protect and insure real and personal property of the system and the personal liability of the Board of Education and employees of the system for damages to persons or property; (b) to insure and/or self insure the school system from losses due to employee dishonesty, injury, or death; and (c) to provide a program of health and welfare benefits for employees to the limits established from time to time by the Board.

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