EIC-RA, Student Accident and Football Insurance Program

About this Regulation

Regulation: EIC-RA

Last revised: August 24, 2015


To provide information concerning insurance available to students through Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and to establish procedures for distributing enrollment information and filing a claim for an injury.


The Montgomery County Board of Education approves an insurance carrier to make available a program of optional student accident insurance.  In recent years a choice of student accident plans has been made available, i.e., a choice between the regular school time plan or a 24 hour a day plan.  Both plans are excess plans which only will pay after all other insurance coverage is exhausted.  The maximum limit is $25,000 per accident. Parents/guardians are advised to examine other health insurance coverage they may have in relation to this policy prior to purchase.  The option to purchase a separate insurance plan is made available by MCPS specifically to cover interscholastic tackle football players because of the exclusion of this activity from the regular student accident insurance.

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