KBA, Policy on Public Information

About this Policy

Policy: KBA

Last revised: May 14, 2019


1. To set forth a vision for public understanding of, support for, and confidence in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) through effective communication across a variety of media and communication channels appropriate to the purposes, needs, opportunities, and obligations of the school district and the community

2. To establish the Montgomery County Board of Education’s expectations for communicating appropriate information to the public in a timely and complete manner, while striving to confirm the accuracy of such information and to provide clear, concise, and publicly accessible explanatory context where possible

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Adobe PDF KBA, Política de Información Pública555 K
Adobe PDF KBA, Politique en matière de diffusion d'informations publiques577 K
Adobe PDF KBA, Chính Sách về Thông Tin Công Lập566 K
Adobe PDF KBA, 有關公共信息的政策738 K
Adobe PDF KBA, 공보 정책(690 K
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