COA, Student Well-being and School Safety

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Policy: COA

Last revised: June 24, 2019


The Montgomery County Board of Education is committed to providing for the safety of all persons on Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) property and to creating and maintaining safe, peaceful schools and workplaces where students and staff can do their best work, achieve, and thrive.

Each and every MCPS employee, regardless of the employee’s position or location, is accountable within the employee’s respective spheres of influence for promoting school safety by contributing to the creation of a safe, supportive, and inclusive school climate for all students and staff. MCPS staff shall be trained to recognize, prevent, and respond to matters relating to safety and security.

Preparation and open communication with school communities and local agencies and resources are key factors in promoting school safety. As such, the Board values MCPS’ relationships with its community partners including the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), other agencies that provide and support mental health services, law enforcement and other public safety responders, and other community service organizations and stakeholders who contribute to the creation and maintenance of safe and welcoming learning environments and workplaces for all students and staff.

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