Changes Made in Awarding Credit for Some Courses

January 31, 2005
Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has changed the procedures for awarding credit for high school courses taken in middle school.

Students who took high school courses in middle school before this school year and who do not want a grade to appear on their transcripts will have until June 30, 2005, to request that grades and credits for these courses be removed. These students should use MCPS form 560-53, Removal of Credit for High School Courses Taken in Middle School, which is available in each school's guidance office and on the MCPS Web site at the link below.

For current and future students in Grades 6-8 who successfully complete a high school course and pass the final exam, credit will be awarded and the grade will be recorded automatically on their high school transcripts when these students enter high school. Students will no longer need to make a request for this to happen. No opportunity to remove the credit or grade will be provided.

Current and future Grade 6-8 students may retake a high school course they took during middle school and receive the higher grade. They must retake the course the year immediately following their first attempt. The lower grade will not be reported on their transcripts. This option represents a significant change to earlier procedures. These students should use MCPS form 560-55, Request to Retake High School Course Taken in Middle School. This form is available in each school's guidance office and on the MCPS Web site at the link below.

Guidance offices in each middle and high school have specific information about these changes. For more information, parents should contact the guidance office at their child's school.

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