MCPS Seniors Top 1100 Average SAT Score Once Again

September 1, 2005
7,355 Seniors Taking Exam Sets New Record
African American and Hispanic Students’ Participation Increases the Most

ROCKVILLE, MD – With more students taking the exam than ever before, Montgomery County Public Schools’ seniors once again achieved an average SAT score above 1100. The 2005 average score of 1101 follows last year’s average score of 1102 – the highest in MCPS history.

“To maintain an average score above 1100 with more than 450 additional students taking the test is a tremendous accomplishment and a strong indicator of the quality learning happening in our high schools,” said Dr. Jerry D. Weast, superintendent of schools. “We will continue to encourage and push all of our students to take more rigorous courses to prepare them for college and beyond. These results show we are making progress, but we know we have much work to do.”

Overall, the number of MCPS seniors taking the test increased 7 percent compared to 2004. The increased participation was most notable among African American and Hispanic students – with increases of 19 percent and 26 percent, respectively. Their performance would appear to contradict national research expectations that suggest SAT average scores should significantly decline as participation rates increase. Instead, the average scores for African American and Hispanic students remained steady at 917 and 942, respectively.

The MCPS average score continues to outpace state (1026) and national (1028) averages by large margins. MCPS accounts for just 16 percent of the statewide public school enrollment, but reflects 18 percent of the state’s SAT participation rate and 20 percent of the increase in SAT participants statewide. It is important to point out that Maryland’s statewide results include scores for both public and private school students.

While the scores for African American and Hispanic students remained steady, the scores still remain far behind the average scores of their Asian American and White counterparts. Both Asian American and White students posted the highest-ever average scores for their groups. White students posted an average score of 1174 and Asian American students reached an average score of 1163.

All 23 eligible high schools in Montgomery County showed participation rates of at least 60 percent and 21 schools achieved average scores of at least 1000. Nine schools had average scores above 1100 and three schools posted average scores above 1200.

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