Board Discusses Data in the 2007 Annual Report

December 12, 2007
President and Vice President Elected by the Board

The Board of Education met on Tuesday (December 11) and, among other items, elected the president and vice president of the Board. The Board also discussed the 2007 Annual Report on Our Call to Action and took tentative action on Policy HDD. The Board also discussed an update on the special and regular legislative sessions, appointed members to Board committees, voted to oppose proposed legislation on wireless telecommunications towers, recognized National Inclusive Schools Week, and adopted the calendar for the election of the student member of the Board.

Election of Officers

The Board reelected Nancy Navarro president and Shirley Brandman vice president of the Board of Education to second terms. (See separate news release for more information.)

2007 Annual Report on Our Call to Action

Data in the 2007 MCPS Annual Report on Our Call to Action continue to provide strong evidence of the effectiveness of the school system’s strategies and initiatives to improve student achievement.

The report provides information about school system performance on established milestones and data points of Our Call to Action, the MCPS strategic plan. The comprehensive plan, which includes five major goals, is the foundation for reform initiatives and a catalyst for continuous improvement.

During the past year, reform efforts have been focused on seven key data points and targets delineated in Goal 1, Success for Every Student, and Goal 2, Provide an Effective Instructional Program, of the strategic plan. The data points are used to monitor student progress in a rigorous program trajectory toward college/work readiness. They are:

- Reading benchmarks in grades K–2
- Reading on grade level by grade 3
- Advanced mathematics in grade 5
- Algebra 1 in grade 8
- High School Assessments
- Participation and performance in AP/IB classes
- SAT score of 1650 or higher

More information is at the link below.

Tentative Action, Policy HDD

The Board took tentative action on Policy HDD, Designation of the Montgomery County Association of Administrative and Supervisory Personnel as Exclusive Representative of Noncertified Supervisory Employees. The draft policy is designed to ensure that Board resolutions that designate bargaining units are easily accessible to employees and other interested parties and will now be sent out for public comment before final Board action.

Appointment to Board Committees

Board of Education members were appointed to the following Board committees:

Audit Committee: Steve Abrams and Christopher Barclay (chair). Patricia O’Neill continues to serve on the committee.
Strategic Planning: Nancy Navarro and Judy Docca (chair). Christopher Barclay continues to serve on the committee.
Policy: Shirley Brandman and Sharon Cox (chair). Patricia O’Neill and Benjamin Moskowitz continue to serve on the committee.
Communications and Public Engagement: Sharon Cox and Patricia O’Neill (chair). Judy Docca and Benjamin Moskowitz continue to serve on the committee.
Special Education Ad Hoc Committee: Shirley Brandman (chair), Steve Abrams, and Sharon Cox continue to serve on the committee.

Election Calendar for Student Member of the Board of Education

The Board approved a calendar of major events for the election of the 31st student member of the Board of Education. The process begins with the advertising period, continuing through December 21, 2007. The general campaign period will take place from January 31-April 30, 2008. The general election will take place on April 30, 2008.

Input on Facilities Issues

The Board approved a resolution asking the superintendent to review and revise the appropriate regulations as necessary to ensure that the leadership of parent organizations not traditionally affiliated with the Parent Teacher Associations are included in outreach for input on facilities issues.

Proposed Legislation on Wireless Telecommunications Towers

The Board voted to strongly oppose proposed legislation (MC 811-08) that would prohibit the installation of wireless telecommunications towers on the grounds of an elementary or middle school in Montgomery County. Current Board of Education policy considers safety and security issues in proposed tower installations and provides for extensive community input on the placement of telecommunications towers on school grounds.

National Inclusive Schools Week

The Board joined with the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative and Education Development Center, Inc., in declaring the week of December 3–7, 2007, as National Inclusive Schools Week, encouraging staff in schools across the county to sponsor related learning and community-building activities.

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