Winners Announced in United We Learn Arts Contest

May 22, 2017

Montgomery County Public Schools announced the winners of its first ever United We Learn: Combating Hate through the Arts contest, during the Board of Education’s May 22 meeting.

MCPS received hundreds of submissions for the contest. Winners were announced at the elementary, middle and high school levels in four categories.  

In March, the district, in partnership with the Faith Community Advisory Council, the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights,the Montgomery County Human Rights Commission and the Committee on Hate/Violence, launched the contest, with a goal of providing students with a creative, structured opportunity to explore issues of prejudice and learn about the values of respect, diversity and civility. The contest was open to students from all grade levels.

Submissions, which were judged by level (elementary, middle and high) and by medium, were created by groups of two students or more. The categories were: written word, performance, visual art and multimedia.

Winning submissions will be published, printed or broadcast through MCPS media platforms.

The winners are:


Elementary — Performance


First Place

Ivy Slocum & Anniek Voeten

“That's What I Say”

Piney Branch Elementary School


Second Place

Mary McGinn's Third Grade Class

“Theme Song for Original Opera - We Fall From Judgment”

Stedwick Elementary School


Third Place

Talea Haines & Nora Thompson


Wilson Wims Elementary School


Elementary — Video/Audio


First Place

Bethanya Samuel  & Classmates

“The Children Are Watching”

 Burnt Mills Elementary School


Second Place

Rosalie Aschrafi & Jeremy Kim

“Exploring Diversity in Our Community”

William B. Gibbs Jr. Elementary School


Third Place

Mariam Baldwin, Ava Gilbert & Ella Gilbert

“Learn to Love”

Cloverly Elementary School


Elementary — Visual Art


First Place

Rebecca Randall & Virginal Smith's 5th Grade Class:

Ezequiel Baxter; Allison Bordon; Cynthia Carbajal; Gianella Castellares; Jason Castillo; Elijah Head; James Hyman; Caitlyn Johnson; Samuel Kaganzev; Jacob Malone; Emma Mungra; Dylan Oliver; Babak Rownaghi; Nissi Sigei; Maya Singh; Serenity Smith; Joyce Somuah; Vida Sulureh; Marjorie Suthard; Malachai Wallace; Christopher Yuan; Chelsy Zambrano Peralta; Zack Boyle, Joanna Czekanski, Arjin Israa, Luca Sotomarino


Clearspring Elementary School


Second Place (tie)

Patricia Kennedy's 4th Grade Art Class:

Douglas Alvalos; Angel Climaco; Edwards Gomez; Kimberlyn Gonzalez; Nataly Guerra; Julio Lainez; Emily Mejia; Nyla Obiezu; Heidi Perez Reyes; Anthony Quinteros; Olga Quinteros; Dajana Ramirez;  Alicia Reyes; Genesis Reyes; Genesis Rivera; Helena Rosenblum; Ethan Deavers; Cristaly DeLeon Sales

“Respect What You See In Others”

Gaithersburg Elementary School


Second Place (tie)

Debbie Vanegas & Amra Nansimbi's 4th Grade Art Class


Glenallan Elementary School


Third Place

Vita Kuybeda & Dhruv Srivastava

“Lumos - Spread the Light”

Spark M. Matsunaga Elementary School


Elementary — Written


First Place

Lily Eames Scheckner & Alicia Salazar Gaylord

“Flame of Hope”

Rock Creek Forest Elementary School


Second Place

Sofia Battistel & Harper Chadwick

“What's Kindness?”

Candlewood Elementary School


Third Place

Belinda Adu, Lindsey Quintanilla, Sofia Rodriguez & Katelyn Terry

“Falling from Judgment - An Original Opera”

Stedwick Elementary School


Middle — Video/Audio


First Place

Momoreoluwa Alade & Mayeni Kpenge

“Hatred vs. Love”

A. Mario Loiederman Middle School


Second Place

Pragya Kumar, Abigail Pak & Shriya Yavasani

“I Am Me”

Hallie Wells Middle School


Third Place

Jasmine Wang & Hannah Yan

“Stand Up”

Hallie Wells Middle School


Middle — Visual Art


First Place

Arunima De, Luyanda Dlamini & Maribel Thomas

“Hallie Wells MS 2016-2017”

Hallie Wells Middle School


Second Place

Navin Durbhakula, Lucy Lin & Amberly Wu

“Pressures of Society”

Herbert Hoover Middle School


Third Place (tie)

Felipe Beltran, Phoebe Kantor, Madeline Montemurro, Andrea Rentel

“Equality Tree”

John Poole Middle School


Third Place (tie)

Joann Cho & Alison Wang


Ridgeview Middle School


Middle — Written


First Place

Emily Barr & Sidra Hoffman

“Am I Accepted: A Transgender Story”

Sligo Middle School


Second Place

Kayla Sinkler & Kirsten Sinkler

“We Overcame”

Robert Frost Middle School & DuFief Elementary School


Third Place

Milla Brizhik & Tessa Brizhik

“Let's Talk”

John Poole Middle School


High — Performance


First Place

Zack Sieff & Gabrielle Zwi

“Without a Label”

Walter Johnson High School


High — Video/Audio


First Place

Ellie Creedon, Kaley Fisher, Sean Fitzgerald & Anastasia Goldberg

“Uniting Through Dance”

Poolesville High School


Second Place

Cacharelle Bonard Grimshaw, Tyiana Duffin, Londin Marshall, Tiffany Morales-Tejada & Westley On

“Hatred...I Wish You Knew Me”

Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA)


Third Place

Dylan Burgoon, Alyssa Craig, Kai Elwood-Dieu, Tia Merotto & Emma Urofsky

“Doofus and Dylan”

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School


High — Visual Art


First Place

Sydney Acuff & Cecelia Bauer

“Marching for Justice”

Montgomery Blair High School


Second Place (tie)

Cole Cerulli, Olivia Dantzler, Peyton Diederich, Jacob Hoffpauir, Alyza Hussong, Adam Kolb, Roberto Mejia, Lukress Nguehou Keuda, Brian Orellana, Lisa Patel, Andrea Rodriguez, Rio Salazar, Michelle Sung & Sachi Tumbde

“United We Learn”

Damascus High School


Second Place

Dwayne Benjamin & Jackson Harnois

“I AM Human”

Quince Orchard High School


Third Place (tie)

Behrooz Ahmadi, Meya Collings, Julia Kraft, Angelo Rana & Britt-Marie Weinberg

“MCPS Schools Embrace Diversity”

Winston Churchill High School


Third Place (tie)

Ariel Fromm & Kendall Price

“Students on a Field”

Montgomery Blair High School


High — Written


First Place

Angela Wu & Byron Wu

“A United Chess Set”

Thomas S Wootton High School & Robert Frost Middle School


Second Place

ESOL 4 and AP Language Students at Rockville High School

“Rockville Strong Letter Exchange”

Rockville High School


Third Place

Jennifer Nornoo & Priscilla Nornoo

“What's the Point?”

Paint Branch High School


Links to photos of the winning visual arts submissions can be found here:


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