Highlights of Board of Education Meeting on January 8

January 10, 2002
The Board of Education met this week [Tuesday, January 8] and, among other items, discussed the Instructional Planning Model and an update on systemwide continuous improvement. The Board also proposed a list of names for Albert Einstein Middle School #2, approved preliminary plans for a replacement for Rocky Hill Middle School, approved an administrative appointment, and approved a resolution on the observance of African American History Month in February.

Instructional Planning Model

The Board reviewed an update on the Instructional Planning Model that is guiding the school system’s curriculum revision process. Currently in development are instructional guides for classroom use that build on information contained in the Curriculum Framework and Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction Blueprints.

System of Continuous Improvement

The Board reviewed an update on the System of Continuous Improvement. At the central office level, the Maryland Baldrige-in-Education Self-assessment Feedback Report has provided guidance for implementation of systemwide initiatives supporting professional growth, instructional planning, and budget development, among other areas. The Walter Johnson Cluster and Waters Landing Elementary School in the Seneca Valley Cluster are the first to be involved in implementing the Baldrige Integrated Management System at the school level as a model for continuous improvement planning.

Naming of Einstein Middle School #2

The Board submitted a list of three names for consideration by the Albert Einstein Middle School #2 naming committee. The names are Mario Loiderman (community activist and champion of the arts), Newport Mill, and J.D. Speller (founder of Benjamin Banneker Honors Math and Science Society). According to Board policy, the committee will recommend, in priority order, its preference from among the listing of names provided by the Board and up to two additional names recommended by the committee.

Preliminary Plans for Rocky Hill Middle School Replacement

The Board approved preliminary plans for the Rocky Hill Middle School replacement facility.

African American History Month

The Board approved the observance of African American History Month in February, encouraging the school community to actively honor the contributions of African Americans and to enhance awareness of the impact of attitudes and expectations on the achievement of African American students.


The Board approved the following administrative appointment:
* Maniya Jules Desroches, currently staff development teacher, Department of Alternative Programs, as coordinator, alternative programs, Department of Alternative Programs.

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