Removal of Artificial Turf Field at Richard Montgomery High School

July 21, 2018

Dear MCPS Community,

This week, contractors began work to replace the artificial turf field at Richard Montgomery High School.  The existing artificial turf material has been removed and sent for recycling.  The entire system, including turf fibers and infill, will be repurposed as a continuation of the overall lifecycle of the materials.

In addition, any remaining debris left over from the removal of the turf field will be cleared.  We have taken steps to mitigate the impact of the field removal process on the surrounding environment.  In addition to sweeping up debris, the storm water management system under the surface at Richard Montgomery High School is designed to contain debris within the system to allow for thorough, periodic cleaning.  Other preventative measures, such as the use of mesh screening over turf materials waiting to be hauled away, are also in place.  

Contractors and MCPS staff are working diligently to remove the artificial turf in a safe and efficient manner and look forward to installing the new organic infill field shortly. 

Andrew Zuckerman
Chief Operating Officer
Montgomery County Public Schools 

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