Code Blue Continued for Wednesday, Oct. 23

October 22, 2002
Continuing Code Blue security restrictions -- including no outdoor recess, outdoor physical education, open lunch for high school students, or field trips -- will be in place Wednesday, October 23, for the Montgomery County Public Schools. All kindergarten classes will be held as scheduled.

All afternoon and evening student and community outdoor activities are canceled for Wednesday. Indoor student and community activities will still be held.

School system staff, students, parents, and the community are asked to continue to be patient and flexible in order to allow the school system the maximum ability to respond correctly to changing circumstances.

For Wednesday, October 23:

* Schools will open on time.

* All kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes, including Head Start and EEEP programs, will be held (including afternoon kindergarten and pre-kindergarten).

* No outdoor activities will be permitted during the school day, including no outdoor recess, outdoor physical education, and open lunch for high school students.

* All field trips -- regardless of destination -- are canceled.

* All after-school indoor activities must be completed by 5:30 p.m. Activity buses will operate no later than that time.

* Students participating in after-school activities are not to be permitted to leave the school and return later; these students should remain at school until the activity is completed.

* All indoor community activities will proceed as scheduled for the afternoon and evening. (All indoor evening extracurricular activities for students have been canceled.)

* All inter-school programs are canceled, including internships, the Work Oriented Curriculum, JROTC, and the afternoon program of the Thomas Edison High School of Technology. All other students are to be kept at school or directed to return home.

* Schools will continue to keep exterior doors locked and monitor visitors.

* Classes will be held as scheduled, including those in portable buildings, and students will be permitted to move about under the monitoring of teachers and administrators.

* Students who are in the Fundamental Life Skills programs in special education will not be able to participate in community activities and will remain at school.

* All professional development activities during the school day for school-based staff are canceled.

Updates about decisions on school system operations are available at the link below.

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