What new funding is included in the budget to support English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Special Education services?

Question#: 11


ESOL Services

The Superintendent’s Recommended FY 2021 Operating Budget for ESOL services reflects
an increase of $5,322,821 and 67.0 Full-time Equivalent (FTE) positions. This additional funding represents the following:

  • A total of $2,845,229 includes $2,175,163 for the salaries of 37.8 FTE ESOL teacher positions; $76,500 for substitute teacher salaries to support the projected increase in enrollment; and $593,566 is included for employee benefits.
  • $2,477,592 for two strategic accelerators to support the expanding student needs and focus on learning, accountability, and results:
    • $1,524,916 for the salaries of 26.2 FTE ESOL teacher positions;
    • $74,402 for a 1.0 FTE psychologist 10-month position, $106,199 for a 1.0 FTE instructional assessment specialist position, $81,407 for a 1.0 FTE speech pathologist position, and $24,000 for professional part-time salaries to support
      the Bilingual Assessment Team;
    • $40,000 for professional part-time salaries, $40,000 for instructional materials and $102,019 for contractual services to support the Division of ESOL Programs; and
    • $484,649 for employee benefits is included in the budget to support
      the accelerators.

Special Education Services

The proposed budget for FY 2021 for Special Education services reflects an increase of $11,757,604 that includes 143.022 positions. The additional funding for enrollment growth, inflation, rate change, and strategic accelerators represents the following:

  • $6,518,690 in position salaries, which include 47.3 FTE teacher positions, 82.072 FTE special education paraeducator positions, 2.8 FTE speech pathologist positions,
    4.35 FTE occupational/ physical therapist positions, 3.0 FTE instructional specialist positions, 2.0 FTE social worker positions, a 1.0 FTE secondary program specialist position, and a 0.5 FTE psychologist 12-month position;
  • $717,278 for temporary part-time salaries;
  • $77,350 for contractual services;
  • $22,725 for instructional materials and supplies;
  • $2,283,383 for nonpublic enrollment increases and rate changes; and
  • $2,138,178 for employee related benefits.