Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How was the facility assessment conducted?

MCPS contracted with an external consultant who assessed facility conditions through site visits, as well as plan and document review. The assessments were conducted in the summer and fall of 2018.

What metrics were used to assess sites?

This assessment collected baseline facility condition and building characteristic data across all MCPS schools. Infrastructure elements were assessed according to industry standards including anticipated life span, replacement cost, maintenance cost, space requirements, and functionality.

How often will the assessment data be updated?

Assessment of facility, infrastructure, and building data will be ongoing. Specific elements will be reassessed based on life span, age, and other individual considerations. Reassessment sequences will be developed as appropriate to each category of infrastructure, and age and condition of facility.

What do the assessment results mean?

The results in each category indicate the relative condition of each facility component according to the industry standard for that component. The display presents the cumulative condition of the school in that category relative to other MCPS schools.

How will the information be used?

The key facility indicator information will help us better sustain the operation of our school buildings. We will use the facility information with information about enrollment, capacity, facility utilization, and educational programs to inform our educational facility planning, including the Capital Improvements Program. The data by itself does not specify any particular project outcome.

Is this assessment different than the previous FACT assessment?

Both the previous FACT assessment processes and this KFI assessment process reviewed many of the same facility infrastructure components. However, this assessment process reviewed all MCPS facilities, not just those over a particular age. The KFI measures are disaggregated to provide a more detailed description of the facility condition across multiple categories, and will be updated as conditions change over time.