While connected to the MCPS network, staff may use this page to look up facility service requests. Search using any of the fields below. If you need immediate assistance or need help finding the status of a service request, please contact the OFM Call Center by phone (240-740-2300) or email (OFMcallcenter@mcpsmd.org.). If you have an emergency after hours, please call Security at 240-740-3066.

Location Name
Date of Request
Work Requested
Date Last Modified
Action Taken

New Request This is the first step in the work order process. No action has been taken yet beyond the creation of the request.
Pending Approval The request has been assigned to a shop supervisor for review.
Approved The request has been reviewed and work requested has been approved.
In Progress The work will begin soon. The BSM can see who has been assigned to complete the work.
Parts on Order The work has begun but cannot be completed until additional parts have been received.
On Hold Work has been paused but will resume in the near future.
Reassigned The work has been reassigned from one entity to another.
Deferred The request cannot be completed until leadership approves that the project proceed.
Completed The physical work has been done.
Closed The work order has been closed out.
Declined The work requested will not be performed; the work order is closed out.
Duplicate The request has been rejected because a work order has already been submitted for the work.