Summary of Changes to Date

2020–2021 School Year

New and Revised Board of Education Policies and MCPS Regulations

New Board of Education Policies 

Amended Board of Education Policies

JEE, Student Transfers

The Board of Education amended Board Policy JEE, Student Transfers , on October 6, 2020, to ensure the policy is responsive to the needs of all students, especially the provisions that determine the nature of the hardships that qualify a student for a transfer.  Highlights of the Board's amendments include the following topics:  

  • unique hardships that may qualify students for transfers based on family circumstances; 
  • extenuating circumstances related to the medical, emotional, or social well-being of a student; 
  • child care needs may be considered a unique hardship for a transfer but the circumstances related must be extremely significant for students beyond the elementary level; 
  • clarification of the provision for receiving a transfer based on a sibling's school of attendance, and definition of siblings; 
  • clarification of transfers for family moves within the school year are granted for the remainder of the school year; 
  • conditions for approving transfers of eligible children of staff members; 
  • academic transfers for high school students; 
  • consideration of school underutilization in granting a COSA; and
  • adjustments to make reapplication procedures more consistent for students on approved transfers transitioning from elementary-to-middle school or middle-to-high school.  

New MCPS Regulations

Revised MCPS Regulations

JEA-RC, Enrollment and Placement of International and Foreign Students
On March 5, 2021, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Regulation JEA-RC, Enrollment and Placement of International and Foreign Students, was revised by the superintendent of schools. Updates included revisions of the definition of an “international student” to clarify that the term does not include students who have attended a U.S. school system such as a Department of Defense school or an accredited American International school in a foreign country. The required school documents have been updated, to include a list of records from partial and current school years and national test scores. Students who are old enough to have graduated or who may have completed the equivalent of a high school diploma in another country may be subject to further evaluation before an enrollment decision can be made.

IGP-RA , Comprehensive Health Education Instructional Program
On September 2, 2020, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Regulation IGP-RA, Comprehensive Health Education Instructional Program , was revised by the superintendent of schools to align with recent Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) revisions of Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.04.18.01, Comprehensive Health Education Instructional Programs for Grades Prekindergarten-12.  MSDE updates revised health education content areas, incorporated mandated instruction requirements, and updated disease prevention language in Programs in Comprehensive Health Education for Grades Prekindergarten-12 .

Rescinded Board of Education Policies

Rescinded MCPS Regulations