Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Howard Hughes Science Grant Project, Year One


The goal of the Howard Hughes Science Institute (HHMI) supported science program is to train one staff member to become a science lead within each of the elementary schools in the district. The specific objectives of the first year of HHMI grant project were to a) provide approximately 20 teacher leaders with an increased understanding of targeted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) practices and the skills needed for them to create a training plan, and b) to deliver this knowledge to 100 elementary classroom teachers during a week-long Science Summer Institute (SSI). This year 1 evaluation describes the implementation and impact on a) teacher leaders as they went through a series of professional development, including creating and implementing the Science Summer Institute (SSI) training for other elementary level teachers, and b) elementary classroom teachers who attended the week-long SSI professional development.


  • Explore ways to target and recruit more elementary school classroom teachers to participate in the Summer Science Institute. Enrollment for the first SSI was lower than anticipated, mainly due to a scheduling conflict with another mandatory training.
  • Consider spending more time on lesson seeds for science instruction and resources during the SSI, as suggested by participants.
  • Continue to provide and expand on-line science instructional support, resources and materials for elementary classroom teachers and explore ways to encourage their use

    File Name: HH Grant Year 1 Evaluation Report.pdf (1.2MB PDF)