Office of Shared Accountability Reports

MCPS Assessment Program: Grades 1-2 Reading, 2003-2004


This report examines the reading performance of Grades 1 and 2 students during the 2003–2004 school year. It also examines how student performance varies by (a) type of school (i.e., Focus and Non-Focus Schools), (b) racial/ethnic groups, (c) participation in the Free and Reduced-price Meals Systems (FARMS) program; and (d) English language proficiency (i.e., receiving English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services or not). To put the performance of the 2003–2004 students in context, the reading achievement for 2003–2004 was compared with those of the past two school years.

File Name: 2003-04%20Grades%201-2%20Reading%20Report%20-%20Final%20-%20Danny%20Edit.pdf (844 KB PDF)