Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Implementation of the Ready Common Core and i-Ready Pilot Program in Montgomery County Public Schools


This evaluation examined the implementation of Ready Common Core (RCC) and i-Ready in 11 MCPS elementary schools. A non-experimental design was used to describe program implementation and staff and student experiences with RCC and i-Ready. The survey sample included 275 staff and 1,463 Grade 4 and 5 students from the 11 participating MCPS elementary schools.  Evidence drawn from stakeholder surveys indicated that most aspects of RCC and i-Ready were implemented as designed in a majority of classrooms, while a few areas were identified as needing additional support.


  • Include teaching specialists in all relevant training for RCC and i-Ready and ensure that they have access to all RCC/i-Ready resources and data
  • Provide additional training and support to help teachers and specialists understand the role and structure of small group instruction in RCC. 
  • Request that Curriculum Associates lead a collaboration with special education and ESOL staff to ensure that the needs of all students are being met with RCC and i-Ready.
  • Ensure that teachers’ skill set includes needed content knowledge and scaffolding strategies to deliver instruction with fidelity.

File Name: ReadyCC_Impl_report_Dec15.pdf (1.6MB PDF)