Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Summary Analysis of Middle School Magnet Programs and Middle School Enriched and Accelerated Courses


This memorandum presents results of analyses that investigated performance of students enrolled in the accelerated and enriched courses at their local middle schools in comparison to their peers enrolled in the middle school Magnet programs in 2018–2019. During the year of 2018–2019, more than 1,500 and 2,300 Grade 6 students participated in the accelerated and enriched mathematics and Social Studies courses, respectively, at their local schools. Data from two school years were used to observe the performance of the same cohort of students prior to and after their course/program enrollment. The result provided evidence that students, either in the accelerated and enriched courses or, in the Magnet programs, continued to excel on standardized assessments such as PARCC and MAP. While participants of Magnet programs consistently scored high on standardized assessments, their peers taking accelerated and enriched courses were also able to maintain high-level performance. These data indicate that students are benefiting from the academic rigor that both accelerated and enriched courses and Magnet programs provide.

File Name: MS_Enriched Courses_Magnet Program_OSA_Brief_Nov2020FINAL.pdf (627.1KB PDF)