Office of Shared Accountability Reports

2021-2022 Leader in Me Cohort 1 Evaluation


Leader in Me (LiM) was adopted as a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for MCPS, starting with eighty Cohort 1 elementary, middle and high schools in 2021-2022. The purpose of this evaluation was to explore the experiences of Cohort 1 school staff implementing the LiM curriculum in Year 1 and examine stakeholders perceived impact of LiM on students’ SEL and academic skills.


  • Strengthen the LiM program by partnering with the LiM vendor to develop solutions to multiple issues and challenges reported by school staff.
  • Improve LiM implementation: Explore ways to increase staff buy-in, increase guidance to schools on how to foster a whole-school culture, assure enough appropriate materials, and regularly communicate to staff about their implementation challenges and offer supports.
  • Continue evaluating LiM during the 2022-2023 school year

File Name: Leader in Me Cohort1 Eval_2022FINAL.pdf (5.2MB PDF)