Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Innovative School Calendar: Outcomes Evaluation 2022–2023


This evaluation investigates the effect of the Innovative School Calendar (ISC) on student reading and mathematics performance during the 2022–2023 school year. This study is a follow-up to the 2021-2022 evaluation conducted. Two MCPS elementary schools use the ISC model. These schools extended the school year by 28 days to increase students' exposure to academic content and access to enriched science and social-emotional learning programs.


  • Revisit the ISC program elements as recommended in Year-1evaluation report. Drawing on the research literature, determine what concrete changes are needed to ensure that the additional school time is both sufficient and well-spent. That may involve incorporating new evidence-based interventions into the school day and year, building in time for increased teacher planning, collaboration, and professional development, and establishing additional student enrichment activities.
  • Based on findings from academic examinations, at this time, expanding ISC should not be undertaken.

A response to the recommendations in this report, prepared by the Division of Early Childhood and Title I Programs and Recovery Funds, can be found here.

File Name: ISC Outcomes Eval 2022-2023 Aug2023_FINAL.pdf (4.9MB PDF)