Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Implementation of the Algebra I Curriculum in Montgomery County Public Schools: 2003-2004


MCPS introduced changes to the curriculum to support student mastery of each of the subject areas covered by the Maryland High School Assessment (H S A). One of these subject areas is Algebra I. This evaluation examined the extent to which the new curriculum was implemented in MCPS middle schools and high schools. Use of the guide, classroom practices, teachers' perceptions and experiences, professional development, and related topics were examined in this implementation evaluation.


  • Review the role of professional development in implementing the curriculum.
  • Review the design of course prerequisites and student preparation requirements associated with Algebra I.
  • Review the process for using the Algebra I curriculum materials to prepare students for the final exam.
  • Consider additional research to establish any significant relationship between the level of implementation of the new Algebra I curriculum and student performance on the H S A.

    File Name: Algebra1Brief20032004Data.pdf (104KB PDF)