Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Criterion-Related Validity of Montgomery County Public Schools Assessment Program in Primary Reading


This research brief provides evidence that the reading assessments developed by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and administered as part of the MCPS Assessment Program in Primary Reading (AP-PR) are valid measures of reading proficiency (have criterion-related validity). The standards set for reading proficiency with the AP-PR are aligned with those used to establish TerraNova Second Edition (TN/2) national reading benchmark (50th percentile). Students who meet the AP-PR benchmark by the end of Grade 2 are likely to be reading on grade level in Grade 3.


  • Continue to administer the AP-PR to evaluate Grade 2 reading proficiency.
  • Use formative assessment data obtained from the fall and winter administrations of the AP-PR to monitor student likelihood of scoring at or above the national benchmark on TN/2 subtests in reading.
  • Use the results of the AP-PR to identify and provide appropriate instructional interventions for students who are at risk of reading below grade level by the end of Grade 3.

    File Name: CRValidity_2008-9-10.pdf (141KB PDF)