Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Grade 2 Global Screening in Spring 2008


The Brief reports the results of the Spring 2008 Grade 2 Global Screening Process. All Grade 2 students participated in the process and a total of 3, 940 students (40.9%) were identified as gifted and talented in 2007-2008. Analysis of the data disaggregated by students' race/ethnicity shows that in 2007-2008, African America and Hispanic students continue to be identified at a disproportionately lower rate than their Asian American or White peers.


  • Staff in OSP, OSA, and the department of AEI should continue to closely monitor the process and examine the issues of access to rigorous and challenging instruction prior to and after Grade 2.
  • AEI should prepare a proposal for restructuring global screening, moving to a more continuous articulation process.
  • MCPS should continue to address the variance among schools in expectations, instruction, and services provided to students. Professional development on equitable teaching practices and on uncovering the gifts and talents of students should be provided to all staff.
  • MCPS should use the primary talent development model to reveal, nurture, development and document student strengths and include in revised kindergarten curriculum

    File Name: G2 Global Screening in Spring 2008 Brief and Tables 11-19-08.pdf (98KB PDF)