Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Academic Ineligibility for Extracurricular Activities


This research brief examines academic ineligibility patterns among Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) middle and high school students. Chronically ineligible students are at greater risk of dropping out of high school and more likely to be disengaged from the instructional programs that prepare them for college and the workplace.


  • School staff should focus academic interventions on students in Grades 8 and 9, specifically students with Grade 8 Marking Period Averages (MPAs) below 2.4 at end of quarter 2 and students who were ineligible during semester 1.
  • Schools should implement interventions to provide academic support for students who are ineligible for more than two marking periods per year.
  • Schools should monitor trends in student academic eligibility throughout the school year and use monitoring data to evaluate the effectiveness of practices and interventions designed to decrease ineligibility rates.
  • Middle and high school vertical articulation teams should identify and share strategies that they are using to promote student engagement and academic success.

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