Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of Elementary ESOL Program in Title I Schools: Survey of Non-ESOL Classroom Teachers


This brief presents findings from a 2008 survey of non-ESOL classroom teachers in Title I schools. The purpose of the survey was to examine how the instructional program for limited English proficient (LEP) students was planned and implemented and identify areas needing improvement. The respondents were classroom teachers who work closely with LEP students in the content areas.


  • Examine scheduling options to accommodate adequate instruction for English language development and instruction in the content areas.
  • Protect ESOL instructional focus by ensuring that students receive appropriate amount of direct language instruction.
  • Structure review of progress of ESOL and exited ESOL students at specified intervals.
  • Increase the variety and intensity of ongoing academic support available for ESOL and exited ESOL students in reading and mathematics.

    File Name: Survey of Non-ESOL Classroom Teachers in Title I Schools.pdf (290KB PDF)