Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Closing the Gap: Seven Keys to College Readiness for Students of all Races/Ethnicities


This document provides information that can be used to better understand the seven keys to college readiness. The document compares the seven keys with their corresponding strategic plan targets; presents some of the research and analyses that were used to inform decisions about the selections of the current performance levels for each of the seven keys; and discusses some next steps that MCPS will take as the district uses the seven keys to monitor the college and work readiness of all students.


  • Continue to study the seven keys and modify the levels of rigor associated with each key as needed.
  • Use multiple measures, as well as the seven keys, to monitor student progress but do not use the seven keys to create a sense of certainty about students' college and work readiness.

    File Name: 2009CollegeReadiness_03-19.pdf (153KB PDF)