Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Impact of READ 180 on At-Risk Middle School Students' Literacy Outcomes: 2007-2008


READ 180 is an intensive reading program intended to accelerate the performance of struggling readers. The brief presents an evaluation of the literacy achievement of middle school students enrolled and not enrolled in the program during school year 2007-2008, as measured by the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) in reading and the Measures of Academic Progress-Reading (MAP-R). Findings indicate that, on average, middle school students enrolled in READ 180 demonstrated significant one-year academic growth on the MAP-R, and, overall, they had slightly higher end-of-year MAP-R and MSA reading scores than their peers who were not enrolled in the program.


  • Continue to implement READ 180 to address the needs of secondary students at risk of low literacy performance
  • Establish and monitor opportunities for implementing the program's critical features with high fidelity and quality to support the achievement of struggling readers
  • Expand the collection of districtwide data on READ 180 and other literacy programs for evaluation purposes

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