Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Focus on Key 4: Algebra 1 in Middle School is Key to College readiness


The analysis examines the impact of one of MCPS' Seven Keys to College Readiness. Grade 8 has long been recognized as a pivotal point in mathematics education. Students who successfully complete Algebra 1 by the end of middle school are more likely to have the essential knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the high school mathematics courses that will prepare them for postsecondary success.

Among MCPS students in the classes of 2001 to 2004 who completed Algebra 1 with a C or higher by the end of Grade 8, 95 percent enrolled in college, and 75 percent earned a bachelor's degree. For students who did not meet this benchmark, 80 percent enrolled in college but only 34 percent earned a bachelor's degree.

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