Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation Study: Preparing Students for Algebra 2


This study was requested to support the work of the Algebra 2 by Grade 11 M-Stat. The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the readiness of MCPS students to successfully complete Algebra 2 by Grade 11 with a C or higher. It is also intended to provide information of general interest regarding mathematics curriculum, instruction, and performance in MCPS.


  • Reinforce the role of differentiation and the skills and environment needed to make it work in Algebra 2 classes.
  • Reexamine the use of specific lesson components and the instructional time for those components specified for Algebra 2 classes in the instructional guide.
  • Encourage formative assessment techniques that will allow rapid adjustments in instruction and delivery of continuous feedback.
  • Explore creative ways to review and reinforce algebraic skills from Algebra 1 with rising Algebra 2 students.
  • Work with geometry teachers to make more explicit connections during the Geometry course between algebra skills and geometry.
  • Review the effectiveness of district efforts to accelerate mathematics articulation and achievement, particularly with regard to algebra.
  • Standardize policies regarding prerequisites and articulation pathways for struggling and failing students and for retaking of the (failed) Algebra 2 course.

    File Name: AlgebraTwoReportJuly2010.pdf (357KB PDF)