Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Performance of Montgomery County Public Schools' Grade 2 Students on the 2010 TerraNova 2nd Edition


The memorandum provides an update on the performance of MCPS Grade 2 students on the TerraNova 2nd Edition (TN/2) assessment administered in April 2010, and provides information on performance trends since 2008. As in prior years, the 2010 administration of the TN/2 included five subtests—reading, language, mathematics, language mechanics, and mathematics computation. To provide a measure of overall academic performance, a composite score is calculated as the combined average of a student's reading, language, and mathematics scores.


  • In 2010, 72.5 percent of MCPS Grade 2 students earned composite scores that were at or above the national average, continuing a trend of high performance despite the increasing impact of poverty and the need for English Language Learners services throughout the county.
  • In 2010, 44.5 percent of MCPS Grade 2 students, overall, attained advanced scores in reading (at or above the 70th National Percentile), identified as a component of the first of the Seven Keys to College Readiness.

    File Name: TN2 Performance Prin Memo 8.25.10.pdf (1.9MB PDF)