Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Implementation and Outcomes of the Programs and Strategies Developed in Response to the Latino Education Coalition Recommendations


The study examined whether the recommendations made by the Latino Education Coalition in their 2006 report have been successfully addressed. The evaluation found that the programs and strategies that have been implemented in response to the report are addressing the issues identified by the Latino Education Coalition. Older Latino students with limited education have gained knowledge and job skills while improving their English language skills in the Students Engaged in Pathways to Achievement (SEPA) program. Parents have been invited to school-related activities and have received support from parent community coordinators. Finally, the linguistic skills and cultural competence among staff members in MCPS continue to be addressed through recruitment efforts as well as through the provision of English language development classes for supporting services personnel.


  • Continue to monitor attendance in the SEPA program and establish practices and supports to address attendance issues through the ESOL transition counselor.
  • Continue to maintain communication with parents about the SEPA program and Safety Net support available to them.
  • Continue to monitor the expansion of English language development courses for supporting services professionals.

    File Name: Latino_Coalition_Report_03-11 FINAL.pdf (900KB PDF)