Office of Shared Accountability Reports

College Readiness and Postsecondary Educational Outcomes for 2003 Graduate in Montgomery County Public Schools


This report provides further evidence that Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Seven Keys to College Readiness (Seven Keys) serves as a roadmap for success after students leave our schools. This first longitudinal study examined the postsecondary outcomes for MCPS 2003 graduates seven years after they graduated from high school. The results show that the more academic and behavior ready a student was, the less time (in months) it took to attain a bachelor's degree regardless of race/ethnicity.


  • Monitor student academic progress towards college readiness from kindergarten to Grade 12.
  • Institutionalize a college-going culture from elementary to secondary schools.
  • Expose students to rigorous academic content and help them develop higher thinking skills.

    File Name: College readiness and postsecondary outcome for 2003 graduates.pdf (762 KB PDF)