Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Grade 9 Indicators Influencing High School Graduation and College Readiness in Montgomery County Public High Schools


This report examines Grade 9 factors that influenced high school graduation and college readiness, as measured by the MCPS Seven Keys to College Readiness (Seven Keys). The more rigorous logistic regression analysis confirmed that the most important factors that influenced on-time graduation were: Grade 9 GPA, being on track for Grade 10 promotion, and passing Algebra 1 with a C or higher by Grade 8. These factors increased the likelihood of graduating on time. The most important factors that increased the likelihood of attaining Keys 5, 6, and 7 on the seven keys were: Grade 9 GPA and passing Algebra 1 with a C or higher by Grade 8.


  • Schools should identify students needing academic intervention prior to entering Grade 9 using existing tools such as the OSA prediction model that examines multiple academic and engagement factors in middle school to predict Grade 9 core course completion (Rethinam & Von Secker, 2011).
  • School staff should use the OSA prediction model to monitor progress toward closing achievement gaps and to identify individual students in need of targeted supports.
  • Schools should have a multifaceted transition program in place to engage incoming Grade 9 students and parents and to communicate the importance of academic achievement in Grade 9.
  • The MCPS parent and community partnership should be engaged in the conversation of the importance of academic achievement of students in Grade 9.

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