Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Science, Technology, and Engineering Leadership Program, Year One


The goal of the three-year Science, Technology, and Engineering Leadership Program (STELP), a grant funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), is to improve instruction in science, technology, and engineering and, in turn, help students achieve full literacy in these areas. In its first year, STELP provided training and support to a group of teacher leaders as they designed and created online professional development products. The focus of the year one evaluation was on implementation of the program in terms of training a group of teacher leaders to develop online professional development resources for other MCPS science, technology, and engineering educators.


  • Clarify expectations and provide a clear vision for the final professional development products. Develop a model or concrete examples of what a finished product should look like.
  • Have the teacher leader teams provide regular detailed updates and show their work to the program staff. This will help detect problems early on and ensure that the teacher leader teams are making progress and are on track to create a high-quality product.
  • Provide more opportunities for teachers to get together to work on their products by offering more trainings and work sessions. Additionally, consider offering strategies to teacher leaders on how they can work together and on their products more efficiently and effectively.

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