Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Formative Evaluation of Full-day Head Start Prekindergarten Program in Montgomery County Public Schools


The study showed that the instructional, assessment, and family and health components of the Full-day Head Start Prekindergarten program are being implemented according to MCPS guidelines as well as in compliance with Head Start Performance Standards. Data from multiple sources—interviews, classroom observations, program records, and stakeholder surveys—indicated that the full-day Head Start model in MCPS is successfully providing a positive, effective prekindergarten experience for the children enrolled.


  • Revisit the daily schedule for full-day Head Start classes; feedback from teachers and administrators indicated that adjustments are needed to allow realistic transition times for the children, as well as planning and record-keeping time for teachers.
  • Examine and revise the pre-K Head Start mathematics curriculum and assessments to ensure adequacy in scope and rigor, as well as alignment with Curriculum 2.0.
  • Identify additional ways to help Head Start (and other pre-K) classes realize more integration in the school community.
  • Provide additional ways for Head Start teachers to collaborate and share experiences and best practices.

    File Name: PreK implementation Report_final.pdf (1.65MB PDF)