Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Relating Instructional Practices in Mathematics to Student Success: Focus on Math 7 for Grade 7


This study examined the extent to which teacher use of recommended instructional practices related positively to the performance of students taking the Math 7 course during Grade 7. Both formative information (observations of Math 7 classes) and summative information (advanced statistical analyses) were used. Results will inform the teaching of mathematics at a variety of levels and to a broad population of students.


  • Enhance the use of those instructional practices in Math 7 lessons that have been identified by this study to have positive and significant associations with MSA mathematics test scores (see report for specific practices).
  • Continue to explore inequities in the population of Math 7 students being moved to Algebra 1 when compared to students being moved to lower level courses in Grade 8.
  • Consider the value of the M-Stat articulation tool and related tools in determining placements for Grade 8 mathematics. When actual Grade 8 enrollment for mathematics courses was compared with articulation tool recommendations, many students were not in the recommended courses.

    File Name: FINAL REPORT Math 7_5_14.pdf (388KB PDF)