Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Linking Measures of Academic Progress in Mathematics and Maryland School Assessment in Mathematics


The brief examines validity evidence of MAP-M in predicting success on the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) Math. The information in the brief can be used for monitoring student growth toward meeting Maryland state performance standards before the next generation of state assessment is in place in 2013—2014.


  • Encourage students to demonstrate their best effort from the beginning of each MAP-M test administration.
  • Analyze NWEA and myMCPS MAP-M reports to provide meaning to RIT scores to assist in guiding instruction of the MCPS curriculum.
  • Use MAP-M goal scores in addition to the MCPS curriculum resources (e.g., formative assessments, checks for understanding, diagnostic tools) to determine student's strengths and weaknesses in mathematics for instructional purposes.
  • Provide support to students who score below the winter MAP-M threshold RIT scores associated with the proficient level on the MSA Math.

    File Name: MAP_Math brief 12_8_16.pdf (806KB PDF)