Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Just the Right Mix: Identifying Potential Dropouts in Montgomery County Public Schools Using an Early Warning Indicators Approach


By applying the Early Warning Indicators (EWIs) approach to Montgomery County Public Schools' student data, this report identifies the attendance, behavior, and coursework indicators of MCPS dropouts for the first marking periods of Grades 3, 6, and 9. Additionally, for the first time in EWI research, this report identifies EWIs for Grade 1.


An EWIs monitoring tool should be created based on research and cut points determined by the Office of Shared Accountability (OSA) for all elementary, middle, and high school grades.

  • EWI monitoring should be incorporated into teacher and administrator PLCs across all grades.
  • School staff, officials, counselors, and parents should work together to develop intervention strategies specific to individual students' needs.

File Name: Just the Right Mix_MCPS_West2013.pdf (510KB PDF)