Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the Science, Technology, and Engineering Leadership Program, Year Two


The goal of the three-year Science, Technology, and Engineering Leadership Program (STELP), a grant funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), is to improve instruction in science, technology, and engineering and, in turn, help students achieve full literacy in these areas. The focus of the year two evaluation was on implementation of the program in terms of continued training of a group of teacher leaders to develop online professional development resources for other MCPS science, technology, and engineering educators to view. Year two included both new and returning teacher leaders and built upon the professional development modules created in year one.


  • Resolve technical issues and logistical difficulties on existing product modules (e.g., the navigation and pace of slides, unclear font, inoperable website links, etc.).
  • Collect data on who is viewing the modules, via the product modules.
  • Continue providing time for team work, clear expectations, a time line, a training plan, and continued education on science practices and standards, for upcoming trainings as teacher leaders continue their work on developing and creating online product modules.

    File Name: Eval of STELP Year 2_13.03.13.pdf (253KB PDF)