Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Evaluation of the High School ACCUPLACER Pilot Program


Among Montgomery County Public School graduates that attend Montgomery College, about 60% have to enroll in one or more developmental courses based solely on scores from the ACCUPLACER placement test. In response to the number of MCPS graduates who required developmental courses, the High School ACCUPLACER Pilot program was started, with the goal of improving college readiness by improving student's ACCUPLACER scores. This study examined the extent of implementation of this program and the effectiveness of its two key strategies: 1) increase students' understanding of the ACCUPLACER test, its content and format, and impact of results and 2) improve student preparation through appropriate interventions.


  • Provide more time, structure, and support for students in order to increase their preparation for the ACCUPLACER placement test.
  • Inform students, staff, and parents about the ACCUPLACER test, emphasizing the test's purpose, its unique format, and its widespread use.

    File Name: Report ACCUPLACER_13.03.11.pdf (530KB PDF)