Office of Shared Accountability Reports

Formative Evaluation of ACES Program: Findings from Surveys and Interviews Year 1, Grades 11 and 12


The ACES program is a collaboration between MCPS, Montgomery College (MC), and the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) to create a seamless pathway from high school to college completion. The first year formative evaluation of the ACES program focused on students in Grades 11 and 12 in 10 MCPS schools with the ACES program. Students in the ACES program met one or more of the following risk factors: low income or single parent household; member of an underrepresented race/ethnicity group in higher education (such as Black or African American or Hispanic/Latino students); first generation college student; students with disabilities or in special education; immigrant or child of immigrant parents; homeless students or those living in unstable conditions. The goal of the evaluation was to document whether and how well the ACES program components are being implemented and to provide feedback to relevant stakeholders for the program’s improvement as well as its ongoing development. This report focuses on a portion of the formative evaluation, describing ACES student and staff perceptions on their experiences and satisfaction with the first year of the program implementation. The findings from surveys and interviews and are described in the report.


  • Continue to establish helpful and positive relationships between coaches and students.
  • Continue to build relationships between the ACES coach and school staff.
  • Continue to provide clear and frequent communication with school staff members and ACES coaches about program updates and expectations.
  • Explore providing more resources for coaches such as classroom and/or office space availability and equipment.
  • Explore scheduling of ACES activities to accommodate more students.
  • Explore possible misconceptions among some students and some counseling staff that students are required or encouraged only to attend MC and will not receive help applying to a 4-year college.
  • Consider adding more college field trips, especially early in the school year, and information regarding scholarship opportunities.
  • Schedule time for ACES school-level teams from the 10 schools to come together to clarify roles and responsibilities and share best practices with each other.

    File Name: Evaluation of ACES Year One_Final.pdf (925KB PDF)